Our mission statement:


Overcoming the events that transpired in 2020 has been a difficult and unpredictable transition for the world in 2021. Despite this, at the end of every tunnel is a light, and this Christmas, Metavoxx Business would like to prove that to a very special group of children.

Our motto and theme this year:

Love, Laugh, Listen.

Love is for openness, Laughter is for levity, and Listening is for learning.

These fundamental principles define our 2021 philanthropic objective, as our belief is in a world where every child can reach their full potential. This is reflected in our goal to support vulnerable children who are affected by adverse childhood experiences. Children and youth of today are the adults of tomorrow, and it’s important that everyone in our society feels seen, heard and cared for. It is time we work together to create a future that nurtures the richness of our collective diversity and what every person can uniquely contribute to the world.

Our ethics and values:

As an introduction, we need to distinguish that charity is intrinsic to our spiritual heritage as a people, we are all born with an inclination towards altruism. Here at Metavoxx, each individual has a unique story and is treated fairly in an environment of supportiveness, employees are given the freedom to explore and cultivate their talents.

Who is Metavoxx Business:

The Metavoxx ethos is of personalised connection, in digital formatting. We aim to replace Corporate intermediate entities with a more individualised service for small businesses. We cut out the static and get straight to the people with visions. As we listen to our client base, our range expands to reflect a commitment to continuous improvement, client satisfaction is paramount to our definition of success.

Here is an explanation of the Metavoxx Business vision from Technical Director Paul Hanner: “As I see it, the future of work is flexible and location independent! Metavoxx is not just a Phone System and CRM, we have built-in a full suite of communication tools. Metavoxx Business exists to combine multiple platforms for communication, made available in a borderless, secure Office-App.”

It is because of these business values that we would like to support as many children as possible in hardship this Christmas, and to help cultivate entrepreneurial ambition for this generation of young minds.